7 March 2018

Targeting Long Tail Keywords For Increased Traffic

Targeting Long Tail Keywords Increase Your Traffic
A long tail keyword is a phrase of three or more words which is related to your main keywords but has less traffic associated with it.

Why would you want to target phrases with less traffic?

Most content creators go for the big, obvious one and two keyword phrases and ignore these longer search phrases.

Thankfully, less competition means fewer pages in the results, making it easier for you to rank highly.

Take a look at the LongTailPro Planner and you'll see that many long tail keywords attract a good amount of traffic.
For example, at the time of writing, photography has 450,000 monthly searches with over one and a half billion search results, making it an impossibly difficult keyword to target successfully.

However, the long tail phrase tilt shift photography has a respectable 10,000 searches a month but only three million pages in the results. 

That means a good, in-depth post on the subject with only a handful of links to it should rank well for that term.

When considering your overall keyword strategy, don't forget long-tail keywords.

For many established websites (including the sites I run) the combined number of visits from long-tail keywords is greater than those generated by the main keywords.

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That's not surprising, given that long tail keywords account for 70% of all searches engine queries. 

But there's another benefit to creating content with the long tail in mind; those queries tend to be used by people about to buy.
Someone searching for phones is just browsing, while someone searching for Apple iPhone best price probably has their credit card out already.

That means if you're selling products or doing affiliate marketing you should definitely be targeting long tail keywords.

If you're generating revenue with AdSense, you'll often find visitors who find your site via long tail searches are more likely to click ads as they continue searching for the best deal.

Even if you're not monetizing your site in this way, the long tail can provide your site with a lot of targeted, motivated readers - the kind that share your links and sign up for your email updates.

Your Secret Keyword Tool
There are a number of keyword research tools, but the most accurate and easy to use is the SEMRush[RECOMMENDED].

The Keyword Planner is a free tool designed to help advertisers choose keywords when buying ads on AdSense, Google's advertising network. 
You can use the same information to discover the best keywords to target in your niche.

Not just keywords you think people use, but the ones they really do.

You'll find the Keyword Planner at:

Click here to activate 14 days free trial

Because the Keyword Planner is only available to log in users, you'll need to create an AdWords account to use it. It's free and you can use the same account as the one you may already have for other Google services likes Gmail and AdSense. You don't have to actually have to spend money on an ad campaign to use the planner.
Alternatively, if you prefer not to use the SEMRush[RECOMMENDED] Keyword Planner, try the Keyword Tool from LongTailPro Keyword Planner.

For a free account, which also includes a ton of useful reports and tutorials, go here:

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It's not identical to Google's keyword tool, but it's more advance similar tool.

Great content is essential for a successful website, but if you write posts on subjects nobody searches for, you'll never get any real search engine traffic.

That's why a smart search engine optimization strategy begins with choosing the best keywords. 

There's no point being on page one for a search term nobody uses.

Good luck!
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