5 March 2018

20 Killer Copywriting Tips That'll Improve Any Business Fast

Copywriting Tips And Tricks From The Pros
Especially they are useful to the beginning copywriter or the author who is in the process of becoming.

Now the network has published a lot of articles and posts, in which the authors give advice and recommendations to the beginning copywriter. Of course, they are valuable and useful.

It's good that the authors of such materials share their experience with other colleagues. It's really very cool.

I myself sometimes discover important things for myself, which I did not pay attention to for some reason.
Therefore, I decided to devote some time to give out one extensive and detailed text, which, of course, will help any novice copywriter who wants to take the path of earnings by writing articles.

Yes, I can declare that I have some experience in this direction.

I went a very long way, which started from the very bottom. I fired, stuffed my then soft place with new cones, and conducted various experiments. All this was done, in order for me to achieve my goal.

This text is a summary of my personal experience in the field of writing texts. I do not claim to be called the only correct one.

I just share my views. And I really want this book to be valuable and useful. Believe me; I prepared it for this purpose.

In my time, when I first started, I personally did not have enough of such materials. And I promised myself - when I achieve a certain success in the field of copy writing, I will certainly write a similar text.
And now it's time to fulfill your promise!

1. You should determine your personal creative name. It can be your real data or the chosen author's pseudonym. The main criterion is euphony and memorability.

2. It is best to simultaneously register several accounts of performers in different places where potential customers can find you (these can be content exchanges, freelancing forums and other sites).
3. Before filling out the profile, it is MANDATORY to study the rules of work on one or another resource, in order to avoid the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation (through the fault of your ignorance). As they say, ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility.

4. If necessary, select an avatar for yourself. It can be like your personal picture, and some nice picture. Just remember one thing. The avatar must be unique. It is undesirable when several authors have the same picture. In the future, you will be remembered on the basis of your personal avatar.

5. Complete your own work profiles at each site in as much detail as possible. Remember, this is an opportunity not only to tell about yourself, but also to convince in your personal talents. No graph should remain empty. And ... Tell the truth. Starting your own career with a lie is a road to nowhere.
6. If the site provides a test for assessing the level of skill - be sure to go through it (in case you are confident in your abilities). And if you are not sure, then what's the point in getting down to the whole thing? Take this event as responsibly as possible. Perhaps this will be your "ticket".

7. Even if you have a lot of experience in writing texts (for example, you are a journalist), on exchanges and forums you have to start everything from scratch and prove your own competence.

8. Do not wait for the first orders. Portfolio can be filled without them. Naturally, you will not receive money for this work, but such efforts will pay off afterwards.

9. Write in the portfolio texts of those subjects in which you are well-oriented. A potential customer must understand the quality of your work.

10. In the portfolio it is desirable to place works performed in several genres (for example, text for the main page of a site, a description of some product, an information-analytical article, a review of useful service, etc.).

11. As examples it is not necessary to post texts of one thematic focus (the exception is the case if you initially position yourself as the author of one direction, for example, tourism). This can attract the attention of different employers.

12. It is useful to study the order tape and the portfolio of other authors for clarifying the most popular topics.

13. When writing, use any useful data that will give the articles value (facts, figures, research, aphorisms, and personal experience).

14. After writing, do not rush to immediately publish the text. It is advisable; in the morning on a fresh head once again carefully examine it for possible roughness and typos. And even better - show articles to your friends, their opinion will help you prepare good works.

15. Look for several sites on the Internet where it is possible to publish articles written free of charge - so you will also receive a link to the work posted on the Internet. In many such resources you can leave your own authorship.
16. If your friends or acquaintances have a website or blog on the Internet - you can write a few free articles for them and ask them to post your texts. This is another way to get the link.

17. Do not overload your portfolio with a large number of texts. 10 articles will be enough for a start.

18. As you execute specific orders, you can replace the texts in your portfolio. After all, with each written material, you are already improving, as an author.

19. Do not use template texts of applications that other candidates leave for an order or a project. For example: "I am ready to fulfill an order", "I will write competently and qualitatively", "choose me, you will be satisfied". Such applications are in no way capable of distinguishing you, and they do not carry anything concrete.

20. Apply only for orders in which subjects you are well versed.

Good luck!
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