27 February 2018

What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?
If you have picked up this article it means that you want to learn about SEO. But what many developers that says they want to learn SEO while not knowing exactly what it is.

A lot of developers that say that they do know what SEO is do now know exactly what they mean when they say SEO.

So in this article we will establish what exactly SEO is and why you desperately need to learn it NOW.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization as you have probably seen in the title. 

This means that it helps your website be optimized to appear on search engines more often when people search for certain keywords.
For example, if you look up apple in Google you are more likely to have the company website Apple.com appear on the first few search results.

This happens because the company apple (which has nothing to do with actual apples) has really good SEO on their website for the search term Apple.

Before we can move on to learning about SEO, let’s learn about how search engines work or at least review some theories about the way they work.

A search engine is simply looking through a large set of data in a database using the keywords you entered and returns the best results according to a sorting algorithm that happens on the front end.

As you enter a keyword in the search bar and press the search button you trigger a searching algorithm.
That algorithm goes into the database and retrieves all the possible search results that could be associated with your search query.

Calculating and improving this importance scale of your website for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is at the essence of Search Engine Optimization.

But SEO can also be applicable to more than just Web Development. It can also be used in every single content creation that you make.

Ranging from YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets and even product ranking on Amazon like this article does.

So in conclusion SEO is a way for web developers to optimize their importance ranking on search engines or a way for content creators to help optimize their content on search engines and therefore reach more people.
The biggest reasons to learn this concept is because if you ever consider to do freelance work for companies like I do, 99% of the time they will pay you significantly more than they initially were planning to if you show offer to do SEO for them.

I had one company pay me one sum of money for the site and then the same amount just to do SEO.

One greater thing about SEO is that Search Engines constantly changes their algorithm.

Therefore websites need close to constant work to help build links for it and work on keywords popularity matching.

This means that you would be able to often link up a company’s website to Google Analytics and tell them to call you if they see a drop in visitors on their site.

Good luck!
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