25 February 2018

What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing
Content marketing is a requirement for every good business today. Marketing has of course been around for a long time.

Now the internet is part of our life and has become a massive part of content marketing.

A vast empowering force that has given you and I the opportunity to do extraordinary things. The potential seems to be limited only by our imaginations.

But content marketing also requires us to take action otherwise we could miss out on this potential.

First off let us make sure that we understand what content marketing is.

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”

That is a formal definition that sounds a bit daunting.

Especially to artists and other creative’s who dislike the idea of sales and anything corporate?

But let us look at that definition again:
1. Marketing And Business
This reminds you that as an entrepreneur you need to market your business to see it thrive;

2. Process
You need a system that works well for you repeatedly;

3. Creating And Distributing
Your efforts to create and publish content is required. It is work that remains part of your business.

4. Relevant And Valuable Content
Content that is relevant to your audience (fans, customers and clients) and provides value to them.

5. Attract, Acquire And Engage
Only excellent content will meet these requirements.

6. Defined And Understood Target Audience
You need to know your ideal fan, collector or customer.

7. Profitable Customer Action
What this action is depends on your business needs and strategy. But you will need to know what this outcome is before you make content.

That sounds like a hurdle to climb.

Is it all worth it?

There is a simpler way to understand what your content is all about. In essence you produce useful content that people find entertaining, useful or interesting.

Over time this builds trust and authority for your business.

At some point these people will trust you with their email address; they will share your content and support your business because they love what you do.

This makes content marketing a powerful way to grow your business.

It is also quite unlike any other kind of marketing.

Content Marketing Is Not
Content marketing has an honorable purpose too. Unfortunately, many people want to take a shortcut or try “black hat” tactics to get results quickly.

In case a few people out there are still not sure where the lines are let’s look at what content is not:
1. Content marketing is not a get rich quick scheme;
2. It is not Search Engine Optimization tricks;
3. It is not viral sharing tricks;
4. It is not about spending wads of cash on advertising;
5. It is not social media;
6. It is not avoiding your real work,
7. It is not misleading people.

I prefer to look at the positive side and focus on developing a fantastic business with excellent content.

Most people will recognize the above tactics and reject them. Reputation is all important. Protect yours.

The World Needs Better Content
The world of content marketing is filled with opinions, advice and noise. There is a good chance that your inbox has content arriving in it each day seeking your attention.

You may have subscribed to something a while back that you no longer need.

Perhaps you eagerly await the next e-missive from someone you have recently started following?

You want these emails because you are getting value.

Unfortunately, much of the content flying about is rubbish.

Designed to interrupt you, sell stuff you have no interest in, promising to make you rich, offer wild results, make you thinner, stronger, more clever, more appealing and get your credit card doing overtime.

Usually with a limited time offer and many bonuses attached. All of this is annoying at best.

Dishonest at worst.

We deserve better.

The second part to this is that traditional media is in a crisis.

Once we had to have Yellow Pages adverts, newspaper adverts, flyers and business cards.

Then magazine adverts if we had the budget for it.

The promise of printed media came with the warning that unless we advertised monthly or weekly we had no chance of succeeding.

All of this cost us plenty.

Television advertising is eliminated with the remote control and we change the radio station if the ads get too much.

Cold callers?

Cell phone SMS adverts?

These are interruptions that we try to block out.

What are the marketing options left for us?

Thanks to remarkable developments online and the many resources out there you have an abundance of marketing options.

What Do People Want From You?They want to see what interests them.

They want their problems solved, to be entertained and they want you to care.

To care enough that you will give them your best work.

They may even buy from you if you do these things for them.

Many businesses that have marketing savvy get this. They have strategies in place and they are seeing massive returns.

But what about us solo-creative’s?

We produce art in some form or other. Is that not enough?

Sadly not and it is our fault.

We can be fiercely creative and independent.

Marketing and business come second if at all. Besides, we have a Facebook Profile and friends.

So why is business slow?

If only we had a publishing deal, gallery representation or a high roller to collect our work. Sound familiar?

Good luck!
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