27 February 2018

10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Business Blogging

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Business Blogging Platform
So why use Wordpress anyway, why not just go for the easy option and use Blogger?

I’ve answered this question many times, and the final decision lies with you, of course, but the benefits of choosing Wordpress are very clear to me as an established user:

Reason 1
It’s free! Need I say more?

Reason 2
Once you’ve got the basics, it’s easy to use. Seriously.

Can you create a listing in Amazon or eBay?
If the answer is ‘yes’, then you can master Wordpress quickly.

Reason 3
It’s easy to update at any time.

Need a responsive theme so that your site displays properly on tablets and phones?

It’s sorted in a minute with Wordpress.

Reason 4
It’s scalable. You can use it 100% free on day 1, as your business grows you can add new pages, get a proper web address for it, and then move it to paid for hosting.

As your business explodes, you can move to virtual servers, have a blogging staff writing 15-20 posts a day and cope with millions of visitors.

You can easily migrate it to a new web host too, so you’re never trapped in a ‘hostage’ situation where you have to stay with a particular developer or web host because they control all of your web content.

Reason 5
You’ll be in good company. Forbes, CNN, eBay, Sony, Techcrunch, Katy Perry all use Wordpress.

Reason 6
Wordpress makes SEO (search engine optimization) a breeze. SEO is your website’s ability to rank well in the search engines. These days, that usually means Google.
Using Wordpress, you can get all the SEO basics right without having to spend all of your cash on expensive agencies.

Reason 7
Wordpress is Open Source. What that means is that thousands of developers all over the world contribute to making it what it is.

That ensures that you get the best minds, the best solutions, and it’s always bang up to date and cutting edge. 

Oh, and did I mention, you get all the benefits of that effort and expertise for free?

Reason 8
Wordpress is extremely well supported, which means that if you do ever run into a problem, the answer will be easy to find. Just do a search for ‘Free Wordpress Tutorial’ and take a look at the results that come in.

Note too, the number of YouTube step-by-step videos that you can access. There is so much free help out there; it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever run into an issue that can’t be solved.

Reason 9
Wordpress has lots of add-ons. In ‘Wordpress-speak’ these are called plugins. 

You’ll learn to love plugins; I guarantee it. Want to add videos to your site? 

Simple, there’s a free plugin for that. Want to link up Wordpress with your newsletter service?
No problem, there’s a plugin for that. In fact, there are many, many plugins for that.

Want to take payments via Paypal on your website and create a record of customers?

Easy, there’s a plugin for that. Whatever you wish to do on Wordpress, there’s usually a plugin for it.

And if there isn’t? What if you want something obscure on your site?

It’s easy to get one made because there are so many developers who provide that service.

Reason 10
Millions of people are using Wordpress already. Would they be using it if it were a pile of junk?

Of course not! I said at the beginning of this article that there are many other alternatives to Wordpress.

But why do you think that millions of people – including massive corporations – use it?
Because it’s brilliant, that’s why. The statistics for Wordpress are changing all the time, so I’m not going to quote them here as they’ll soon be out of date. 

Usually, because those numbers of users just keep increasing as more and more users flock to use this amazing software.

If you want your eyes to pop out with some amazing Wordpress statistics, though, read the stats page on the main Wordpress site at http://wordpress.com.

Good luck!
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