25 February 2018

How Is It Possible To Make Money With YouTube?

Earn Money With YouTube
This is probably the burning question that you’ve wanted to know this whole time.

After all, making money is the primary motivation for many YouTubers who invest their time and effort into their videos and marketing efforts (after their passion for the topic of the content, of course).

So we’ll make things easy for you and answer this question now: yes, it is very much possible to make money with YouTube.

And is it possible to make a living by making YouTube videos?

Well, there are a handful of people who do, but it’s not realistic to think that you’ll be earning enough to pay all of your bills to begin with.

It just isn’t.

So while you can’t realistically make a living off of YouTube in the first weeks or months or even in the first years of starting your YouTube channel, it is possible to make a little bit of extra money on the side.

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This is why many people who run successful YouTube channels will also have an additional job for more regular income in order to pay their bills.

The more subscribers and views you have, the more money that you will be able to make.

Here are some ways that you can increase the amount of money that you make with YouTube:

In order to make any kind of money at all from your YouTube videos you have to monetize them, which translates to you permitting YouTube to set up ads before and during the video that people can click on.

In order to monetize your videos, however, you have to confirm that no copyrighted content material exists in them. You also get to decide if you want to monetize all of your videos or only some of them.

Remember that the more subscribers and viewers you have, the more ads will be clicked and the more money you can make.

Another way to make money with your YouTube videos is to set up AdSense from Google. Anyone who is over the age of eighteen and with a mailing address and checking account is able to do this.
Once AdSense has verified you, you will earn money with each click of an ad AND with each view.

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However, the amount of money that you make by views is FAR LESS than by the click of the ads.

Above all; you need to have people clicking to watch your videos.  As you build up your audience, you’ll also be able to boost your monetization.

To get people watching your videos, remember to post regular content, above all else.

Don’t overdo it to the point that you’re exhausting yourself, but you need to be uploading videos on a regular basis rather than a sporadic basis.

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Uploading one new video every one to two weeks is better than uploading three videos one week, no videos the next two weeks, four videos the next week, no videos for the next three weeks, and so on.

Make sure that your videos fulfill a specific niche and are clearly marketed towards a specific audience.

To get people liking you more and making them more likely to subscribe to your channel, talk with them and answer their questions in the comments section below.

Share your videos on social media outlets.  Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are among the most viable options for this.

You can keep track of the analytics of your videos to see which specific ones are earning the most money on your channel and which demographics each video is appealing to.

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This is one of the best ways to also see which videos have resonated the most with your audience.

Finally, once you have secured a large number of subscribers and views with your videos, you’ll be able to partner with YouTube where you get access to more tools from YouTube to create more videos and where you can even win prizes depending on how many views you have.

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Anyone can partner with YouTube as long as they are a YouTube member with a channel that has been watched for over fifteen thousand hours in the last three months.

Good luck!
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