28 February 2018

Marketing Your Blog

Marketing Your Blog
You don’t need a massive advertising budget to raise your blog’s traffic upwards of 10,000 views a month and to get recognized within your niche.

I already talked about a few ways to build readership back in blogging section, but how can you entice even more people to your page?

Facebook and Twitter are certainly good places to start.

Don’t limit your marketing to asking your friends and family to like your business site. Facebook ads are very inexpensive and can be targeted to ideal readers or groups.

Follow other bloggers in your niche on Twitter.

You may get a follow back, and even if not, they could have interesting things to say.

It’s advice that bears repeating: joining the conversation in your community is one of the best ways you can let people know you exist.

Team Up With Small Businesses
I mentioned getting direct ad revenue from small businesses, but you can also form more symbiotic relationships with small businesses to help both of you expand your brands.
Writing reviews of their products that are then shared on their site will bring more links and traffic back to you at the same time it helps them to sell their products.

Remember that most small business owners are just like you they’re trying to get as much exposure as possible without having to spend a ton of extra money.

Sponsor Or Host Events
If you run a blog about biking, you could become a sponsor for a local bike race.

If you run a blog about pop culture, you could host an Oscar viewing party at a local bar or restaurant and live Tweet or chat with your followers.

We tend not to think about in person events as being useful for a blogger because our target audience is online and can come from any corner of the globe, but don’t forget that your area is full of potential readers, even if your niche isn’t specifically devoted to your town.

Run Contests
For every niche, there is someone out there ready to recognize the bloggers in the field. Winning an award can be a great way to gain exposure.
Some you can enter or get nominated for, and others are based on reader votes, so check out what’s going on in your niche and consider how you can put yourself in a good place to compete.

Be Charitable
It feels good to give back and from a branding perspective, it’s a great reputation boost and a chance to gain visibility while doing something good.

Charity doesn’t have to mean giving money to someone; either in fact, the best opportunities involve donating your time or blog space to a cause.
A fitness blogger might ask readers to sponsor them in a cancer walk, for example, while a financial blogger might put on a series of free workshops for people in a local library or community center to help them better maintain their financial health.

Giving back to your readers and the community can establish your name and your brand in the minds of new potential fans.

Good luck!
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