25 February 2018

Marketing On Twitter For Your Business

Marketing On Twitter For Your Business
Many people just look at Twitter as a giant hangout. That was my first impression too. I called it a giant cocktail party. People came and left as they pleased.

They contributed their thoughts, shared what they were up to and were gone. It made the interactions light and breezy and because I was witty and could pack a lot into 140 characters, I built a steady following.

When I thought that way, I never imagined that Twitter could be a fantastic platform to market products, services and information.

Think of how a billboard would look at a cocktail party. Or people holding up attention catching signs that promoted something.

These activities would look and feel absolutely out of place in that venue.

But when you think about it, marketing happens all the time at such social events. I’ll share how much I enjoyed a book I just finished reading.

People will discuss a particularly enthralling television program. Someone will invariably ask about clothes or shoes or some other product another partygoer is wearing or using. And in those moments, organic marketing is taking place.

What showed me different was joining a blog network. Of course when I started tweeting, I was blogging on my own.

My regular interactions on Twitter were with other bloggers as well as friends who knew about my hobby. When I joined the network, they helped illuminate the purpose of tweeting.

The network had a good grasp of why Twitter made so much sense for the writers.

Regular tweeting made your blog content more interesting for readers. In turn their interest led to more organic page views.

More page views meant more revenue from advertisers and paid for the infrastructure of running a blog network.

That right there is the basic intent of twitter marketing. Deliver a taste of information that draws your followers away from Twitter and onto your own website.

And when they land on your website, they stop being twitter followers and begin becoming your readers.

Really at that moment they have become consumers of your brand. And your sole mission is to keep them coming back for more.

As I wrote and tweeted consistently, I found my readership slowly increasing, but it was still less than 50 unique visitors a day.

Even though I was up to 500 followers on Twitter, they really weren’t making the leap on their own from the twitter feed to my blog.

Somewhere there was a disconnect and I needed to fix it.

I had seen other writers in the network openly tweeting links to their blog posts. And so I figured, why not give it a try and see what happens.

So after going out, bantering some with my followers and some of the people I followed, I posted a tweet saying basically, “Hey give a look at what I wrote on my blog.” I included a link and bantered some more.

That day I surpassed 100 unique page views for the first time. Those followers were ready to read more of what I had written.

I just hadn’t asked them to do so. The first lesson I want to teach you about twitter marketing is be willing to ask for your followers’ attention.

If you don’t ask something, you will not get it.

The best way to ask for their attention is to do what I had inadvertently done.

I made clear my intent in using twitter was to meet new people and socialize. Not plug my blog posts.

Sure I had my blog linked in the profile. I’d mention pieces I was working on, but I rarely tweeted out links to my own writing. I thought it was a little brazen to just share a link to my own stuff.

But after I established a good rapport with a number of my followers, I had established that I wasn’t just there to sell them something. I was in fact a valued member of a micro community.

And as long as I was actively contributing to the conversation and kept my blog related tweets to just new pieces I published, I saw steady inbound blog traffic from twitter.

What I did immediately was link my blog’s article feed to my twitter account and so every time I posted a new article, it would generate a tweet that my followers would see.

That way I didn’t even need to ask.

Technology would ask them for me and I could stay the witty charming guy they all followed anyway.

I had become a twitter marketer! And I still didn’t know much of what I was doing.

But what I did realize was that if I could pull fifteen percent of my followers onto my blog at least once a day by tweeting my articles to them, and I wanted more blog readers, then I needed to up my follower count and I needed to get it to jump in a hurry.

Good luck!
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