27 February 2018

How To Use Instagram For Your Business

How To Use Instagram For Your Business Brand
Instagram evolved from solely being a platform for social networking to a possible source of income.

Using the concept of sharing on this popular forum is using it in so many different ways.

A lot of businesses flocked here to utilize their services and reach out to the user base of millions. Big brand names to small closet shops, you can find the whole lot among the thousands of user profiles that use Instagram for business.

As you read on, we will tell you can do the same and get positive results like they have. 

Instagram itself is not a service that sells any product or services. The platform can however be used for the benefit of such businesses. Brands have been using Instagram to market their product and make their presence valid on this popular service.
Smaller scale retail shops can be found on Instagram where the followers are given instructions on how they can purchase items provided by them.

The possibilities for using Instagram for business are vast.

1. To get started, first create an Instagram account for you particular business. It works the same way as any normal user profile but this is business centric as opposed to a personal account.

Due to the huge boom in users making use of Instagram for business, the service started a blog called Instagram for Business.

This helps the users in more ways than one to see how they can make use of Instagram for work.

2. Once your page is up, start posting. Make sure your posts are done with the customer in mind.

Think of what would interest them and at the same time promote your business or products.

Keep a balance between some fun posts purely for the pleasure of the follower and those that are focused on benefiting your business.

3. Make your posts such that they are targeted at the customers that you want. Your posts should have that certain “thing” that will target these particular users. 

If your business is related to some healthy food product, use this as your theme. Post about health in any way possible and inspire these users with similar interests to follow you.
Your account can’t solely be about being like a catalog for your product. 

Develop a certain message and image for your business or brand.

Align this according to the customer base you are targeting but don’t look excessively commercial and business focused. 

4. Make your posts customer centric. Users will follow you when they fell that your posts will benefit them in some way or interest them.

If you upload random photos that are irrelevant to the customers, they won’t get engaged with your Instagram.

Put up products in a way that the customer feels interested enough to give time to actually look at your post and then maybe go ahead and buy it. 

5. Your account should be a visual experience for any user who views it. They will then get an idea of what to expect when they follow your account. It should be aesthetically pleasing and interesting to them.

Find creative ways to showcase your services or products. 

6. As you start posting, start working on getting as many followers and likes on your account. This is the main point of using Instagram for your business; you want to increase the user interface.

There are a lot of different ways to do this and we will explain this in detail further on in the chapter.
The basics are to connect to other social networks, use popular hash tags and keep interacting with followers.

7. Use the Video feature on Instagram for uploading short advertisements for your business or anything that will engage your followers.

These are short and effective in generating interest. Share these videos via links on other social media as well to generate more views.

8.  Make a schedule for posting. You cannot post infrequently or too often either. 

Maintain a balance and keep your Instagram active while at the same time not overactive.

Your followers obviously want to see your posts but not ten times a day.

This is where a schedule helps you. Keep posts ready to upload and do them at appropriate times.

Keep note of when your users are more active and post during such times. Make sure the posts are of interest to them as well. 

9. Use other applications that will help your Instagram feed becomes much better. 
There is a huge range of different applications that allow you to enhance the photos, print them, analyze your profile, etc.

Spend some time in seeing which apps will help you get the most out of your Instagram experience.

Go through the accounts of other popular users and see what they are using as well.

Use the analyzing tools provided by some applications to see which posts garner the maximum interest and gain more followers for your account.

These posts can be used further for more advertising as well since they become popular images that users will identify with your brand.

10. Make your posts as attractive as possible. The images should look high quality and be vibrant. 

Make use of the filters on Instagram.
You can also utilize the hundreds of other photo editing apps available for this. 

Make the photo look as aesthetically appealing to the follower as possible.

11. Use the different hash tags, contests, etc. that are trending to market your brand on a frequent basis.

This will keep you on the grid with all the latest things that grab interests of users over time. 

12. Interacting with other Instagram users and your followers is very important. 
You should not just expect them to like and comment without responding as well. 

Reply to comments and like their pictures as well. As you build a relationship with them, they will be loyal to show their appreciation as well.

You can also work with other established users like bloggers to promote your page and return the favor.

13. You should also show followers how the inside of your business works. You may have noticed how many brands have been putting up pictures of events where they celebrate with their employees.

This shows a positive image of the brand or business and creates a good name for it.

So go ahead and post a picture of some employee at work on their craft and happy while they do it. 

Your customers will be quite happy to buy that as well we think.

Put up the picture of a work lunch or dinner. Maybe upload a video of some product being made in a creative process.

Instagram Analytics
The analytics involve tracking the performance of the account. This means that you can see how well or poorly your posts are doing once you upload them. 

Getting a proper analysis of your performance ultimately helps you do better in future. This is especially essential for any business accounts.

You need to have a clear idea of what you customers actually take notice of and what kind of posts they get engaged in. this helps you make more posts along those lines and thus generate more traffic.
The data that analytic tools provide will help you see if you are meeting the initial goals that you had set out to meet.

If you are not, you can then make changes accordingly to move in that direction. 

Depending on your follower base, you can generate a weekly or even daily report. 

The analytics should help you see how your follower growth graph is.

It will also help you take note of who your top followers are and how much people engage in your posts.

One of the best parts is that it helps to identify which timings and days are the best for you to post. 

These are peak timings when most of your followers tend to be using the application and have more chances of actually viewing your profile or posts.

Benefits Of Instagram For Business
Instagram is definitely one of the most versatile social media applications when it comes to exactly how you can use it.

Aside from using it to share photos and videos like a personal blog, it has proved to be an immensely useful tool for businesses. It allows any business of any size to reach out to the millions of users on the app.

Take a look at a few ways in which having an Instagram page for your business can benefit you:

1. It is an extremely convenient way to show your products to a huge potential customer base. People need to be able to see what’s on offer in order to know if they want to buy it.

You can share good quality images of your products or services on your account. 

2.Yet another way to personally connect with the customer base is to show them how your business works or how the products are made.
Most people these days want more details about how their products are manufactured or produced. 

Sharing some posts related to this makes them have more faith in your company. 

3. It is like a free advertising tool for your products and services. You can come up with creative concepts on how to showcase what you have on offer to the users on Instagram.

Show them how the products can be of use to them and why they should come to you and not anyone else.

Instead of paying for other forms of advertising, use your resources to make some amazing concept posts.

These will automatically reach out to more people if they’re actually quality content and this will then generate more customers for your business. 

4. The fact that the customers will get something extra by following you on Instagram can be a great incentive.

Give them first peeks into new products and launches.

5. You can get more connected by showing them where and how your business works. Share pictures of your employees and what they do at the office each day. 

Show people how exciting or happy your work environment is and creates a positive image that definitely will work in your favor.
6. Another benefit is that you can connect with other influential users on Instagram and get them to promote your products as well.

A few tips and tricks like these help you reach the maximum number of people that you possibly can on Instagram.

Since these influencer's already have a loyal following, their followers will also be interested in you. 

Celebrities on Instagram can also help you out with the right incentives.

So go ahead and make use of these.

Good luck!
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