22 February 2018

How To Create Unique Content For Your Blog In 5 Steps

Creative Tactics to Make Your Content More Original
In addition to having a voice and point of view that expresses your personality, original content is essential for any blog.

Because there is so much great information on the Internet, it’s not uncommon to see the same images or stories on multiple blogs.

While it’s okay to blog about topics that other bloggers cover, too, you don’t want your blog to consist primarily of things that readers have already seen elsewhere. 

Otherwise, they won’t feel as compelled to come back to your blog.
One of the main ways to stand out is to offer one-of-a-kind content, mixed in frequently. 
That could mean posting about things you’ve found elsewhere but adding your own talents or aesthetic for an original twist.

Use custom color palette for each photo, thus offering an amazing and totally unique resource for color inspiration.

Similar to how magazines create their content, you should customize as much of your own subject matter as possible.

Ideally you should aim for a 50/50 mix of new and existing material, and if you have a higher percentage of your own stuff, even better.

Below are some suggestions for bringing original content to your blog.

1.  Use Your Own Images And Videos
Just like the editorials you look forward to in your favorite magazines, you, too, can offer your readers custom-created imagery. Capture your soul food recipes with a clear and sharp photo; update your fashion blog by drawing and scanning in your daily outfits, or record simple moments for your lifestyle blog by shooting your own video.

Because you’re the photographer, videographer, or illustrator and the experience is yours, it’s your unique image and content that no one else can duplicate.

2. Share Your Life Or Your Work
Sharing parts of your life or work on your blog is something that no one else can replicate, as these experiences or creations are yours alone. By giving readers insight into your creative process or moments from your everyday life, readers are more likely to connect with you on a personal level.

Even if the focus of your blog isn’t just on your personal life, consider bringing in aspects of your persona or moments from your life when appropriate.

3. Invent Recurring Columns
Once you start blogging, you may come up with an idea for an ongoing column or recurring post topic that you can publish weekly or monthly. Maybe it’s an interview series with your favorite photographers or a monthly trip to the farmers’ market where you document your local finds.

Whatever the topic is, in order for it to be a regular feature, it needs to have the potential to be varied enough every week or month while still sticking to the same overall theme or focus. Not only will a regular feature help give you an outline of what to post in upcoming weeks, but readers can also become fans. 
Once you come up with an idea for a regular column, a witty and recognizable title will help reinforce the reoccurring story.

4. Create Your Own Layouts
While there’s nothing wrong with keeping things streamlined and clean by uploading a simple photo tied to your post’s content, you can make your blog more unique by posting images that bring together found imagery in an original layout.

You can achieve this by familiarizing yourself with programs such as Photoshop or PowerPoint. 

When I feature roundups or montages on my blog, Oh Joy!

I always lay out the images and objects on a white background with graphic numbers tied to each object. Each time, the theme of the items and the title changes, but the overall look remains consistent.
By creating a specific set of graphics and a thematic visual summary, it becomes my own take on a group of existing products.

5. Secure Exclusives
As your readership begins to grow and you interact more with readers, you may begin to develop relationships with various companies, such as owners of small artisan food stores, or perhaps the PR manager of your favorite home decor shop.

They may appreciate how you have spread the word about their company, and may want to keep you in the loop regarding new developments or products, or give you an exclusive look at something new that you can share with your readers.

Any time you can offer readers something new that no one else has seen yet, you make your site even more special to them.

Good luck!
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